Heja Sverige är ni klara?

Heja Sverige är ni klara?

We’re looking very much forward to the Swedish release tour starting out TODAY!

-12 concerts
-11 cities
-4386 km
-487 liters of diesel gasoline
-2 google map plans to get it all calculated!
-420 beers!!!

Pls. come by and remenber to watch GoKväll on Saturday (March 8th) where we will be performing live!

The album will be released through Plugged Records in Sweden on the 5th of March and the releaseparty will be on Akkurat Official Sunday the 9th of March!!

Here’s the first Swedish review from Rootsy! Thx a lot for the kind Words!

See y’all out there and pls. share the tourplan with friends and family! 🙂