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The Official Website

Date Location
May 21 Harmonien
Rødvig, Denmark
Rødvig, Denmark Tickets
May 25 Tinghuset
Ulfborg, Denmark
Ulfborg, Denmark Duo Tickets
May 26 Hansted
Svendborg, Denmark
Svendborg, Denmark Duo Tickets
May 27 Jelling Festival
Jelling, Denmark
Jelling, Denmark Duo Tickets
May 28 Freddy's
Frederikshavn, Denmark
Frederikshavn, Denmark Tickets
Jun 2 European Blues Challenge
Malmö, Sweden
Malmö, Sweden Tickets
Jun 5 New Orleans Festival
Fürth, Germany
Fürth, Germany Free
Jun 9 Bluesgarage
Hannover, Germany
Hannover, Germany Tickets
Jun 10 Blues im Madlen
Heerbrugg, Switzerland
Heerbrugg, Switzerland Tickets
Jun 11 Rider's Café
Lübeck, Germany
Lübeck, Germany Tickets
Jun 18 Main Street Music Festival
Lillehammer, Norway
Lillehammer, Norway Tickets
Jun 24 T-Mania
Beverungen, Germany
Beverungen, Germany Tickets
Jun 25 Savoy
Bordesholm, Germany
Bordesholm, Germany Tickets
Jul 1 Brønshøj Sommer Jazz
Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark Tickets
Jul 2 Solhällan
Löderup, Sweden
Löderup, Sweden Tickets
Jul 7 Mojo
Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark Tickets
Jul 8 Åmåls Bluesfest
Åmål, Sweden
Åmål, Sweden Tickets
Jul 9 Root's and Jazz Balders Plads
Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark Free
Jul 10 Cognac Blues Passions
Cognac, France
Cognac, France Tickets
Jul 13 Cahors Bluesfestival
Cahor, France
Cahor, France Tickets
Jul 15 Kristinehamns Bluesfestival
Kristinehamn, Sweden
Kristinehamn, Sweden Tickets
Aug 5 Smukfest
Skanderborg, Denmark
Skanderborg, Denmark Tickets
Aug 7 Fängelset Hotell
Västervik, Sweden
Västervik, Sweden Tickets
Aug 11 Festival der kleinen Künste
Gütersloh, Germany
Gütersloh, Germany Tickets
Aug 12 Finkenbach Festival
Finkenbach/Odenwald, Germany
Finkenbach/Odenwald, Germany Tickets
Aug 13 Open Air Groß Lindow
Frankfurt (Oder), Germany
Frankfurt (Oder), Germany Tickets
Aug 18 Fjordglimt
Jyllinge, Denmark
Jyllinge, Denmark Duo
Aug 19 Mojo Bluesbar (trio)
Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark Duo
Aug 20 Den Blå Festival
Ålborg, Denmark
Ålborg, Denmark Free
Aug 26 Openair/Kulturbastion
Torgau, Germany
Torgau, Germany Tickets
Aug 27 Blues na Swiecie
Swiecie, Poland
Swiecie, Poland Tickets
Sep 1 B&W
Haslev, Denmark
Haslev, Denmark Duo Tickets
Sep 10 Hamar Bluesklubb
Hamar, Norway
Hamar, Norway Tickets
Sep 23 Folkets Hus
Alvesta, Sweden
Alvesta, Sweden Tickets
Sep 24 Kulturkaravanen
Hvalsø, Denmark
Hvalsø, Denmark Tickets
Sep 30 Knislinge Folkpark
Knislinge, Sweden
Knislinge, Sweden Tickets
Oct 1 Amager Bio
Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark Tickets
Oct 7 Maskinhallen/Det Musiske Hus
Frederikshavn, Denmark
Frederikshavn, Denmark Tickets
Oct 8 Fermaten
Herning, Denmark
Herning, Denmark Tickets
Oct 15 Bodø Bluesklubb
Bodø, Norway
Bodø, Norway
Oct 21 Bollnäs
Bollnäs, Sweden
Bollnäs, Sweden
Oct 22 Droskan
Umeå, Sweden
Umeå, Sweden
Oct 27 Kulturhuset Sara
Skellefteå, Sweden
Skellefteå, Sweden
Oct 28 Bluesfestivalen
Östersund, Sweden
Östersund, Sweden
Oct 29 Fasching
Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden
Nov 4 Karosserifabrikken
Helsingør, Denmark
Helsingør, Denmark
Nov 10 DFDS Cruise
Oslo-Frederikshavn, Norway
Oslo-Frederikshavn, Norway
Nov 11 Stubhuset
Støvring, Denmark
Støvring, Denmark Tickets
Nov 19 Musiktheater Piano
Germany, Germany
Germany, Germany
Nov 24 Theater des Friedens
Rostock, Germany
Rostock, Germany
Nov 25 Quasimodo
Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Nov 26 Sønderborghus
Sønderborg, Denmark
Sønderborg, Denmark
Dec 10 Kulturloftet
Æbeltoft, Denmark
Æbeltoft, Denmark Duo
Dec 15 Pustervik/KB West
Göteborg, Sweden
Göteborg, Sweden Tickets
Dec 16 KB Kulturbolaget
Malmø, Sweden
Malmø, Sweden Tickets
Dec 21 Basel Blues Festival
Basel, Switzerland
Basel, Switzerland
Dec 27 Paletten
Viborg, Denmark
Viborg, Denmark Tickets

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Fantastic festival summer ahead! 

After 2 years without any festivals we’re very thrilled to announce that more than 25 festivalposters will have our name on it in 2022! It’s

Best Of Tour 22

𝐖𝐞 𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐭𝐨 𝐲𝐨𝐮 “𝐁𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐎𝐟 𝐓𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝟐𝟐” Be aware that there are a few changes due to cancellations and more info can be found