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The Official Website

Date Location
Mar 30 Colos-Saal
Aschaffenburg, Germany
Aschaffenburg, Germany Tickets
Mar 31 Zehntscheuer
Ravensburg, Germany
Ravensburg, Germany Tickets
Apr 1 Jubez
Karlsruhe, Germany
Karlsruhe, Germany Tickets
Apr 2 Theaterstübchen
Kassel, Germany
Kassel, Germany Tickets
Apr 3 Blues Blast Festival
Talant, France
Talant, France
Apr 7 Blues Notes Festival
Franqueville St Pierre, France
Franqueville St Pierre, France Tickets
Apr 22 Blues Train
Skagen, Denmark
Skagen, Denmark Tickets
Apr 24 Godset - Voodoo Saints
Kolding, Denmark
Kolding, Denmark Tickets
Apr 25 Skråen - Voodoo Saints
Aalborg, Denmark
Aalborg, Denmark Tickets
Apr 26 Platform K - Voodoo Saints
Horsens, Denmark
Horsens, Denmark Tickets
Apr 27 Paletten - Voodoo Saints
Viborg, Denmark
Viborg, Denmark Tickets
Apr 28 Dexter - Voodoo Saints
Odense, Denmark
Odense, Denmark Tickets
Apr 29 Bygningen i Vejle - Voodoo Saints
Vejle, Denmark
Vejle, Denmark Tickets
May 5 Fabrik
Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg, Germany Tickets
May 6 Gerd's Juke Joint
Joldelund, Germany
Joldelund, Germany
May 11 Portalen - Voodoo Saints
Greve, Denmark
Greve, Denmark Tickets
May 12 Stars - Voodoo Saints
Vordingborg, Denmark
Vordingborg, Denmark Tickets
May 13 Gjethuset - Voodoo Saints
Frederiksværk, Denmark
Frederiksværk, Denmark Tickets
May 18 Hot Jazz Club
Münster, Germany
Münster, Germany Tickets
May 19 De Groene Engel
Oss, Netherlands the
Oss, Netherlands the Tickets
May 20 Heyhoef Backstage
Tilburg, Netherlands the
Tilburg, Netherlands the Tickets
May 21 Tico Tico
Aalten, Netherlands the
Aalten, Netherlands the
May 27 Græsted Veterantræf
Græsted, Denmark
Græsted, Denmark
Jun 8 Fjordglimt
Jyllinge, Denmark
Jyllinge, Denmark Duo
Jun 9 Sweden Rock Festival
Sölvesborg, Sweden
Sölvesborg, Sweden Tickets
Jun 17 Sierre Blues Festival
Sierre, Switzerland
Sierre, Switzerland
Jun 30 Hookrock
Diepenbeek, Belgium
Diepenbeek, Belgium Tickets
Jul 1 PuistoBlues
Järvenpää , Finland
Järvenpää , Finland
Jul 7 TBA
TBA, Germany
TBA, Germany
Jul 8 Blues Roots & Song
Schneverdingen , Germany
Schneverdingen , Germany
Jul 14 TBA
TBA, Spain
TBA, Spain
Jul 15 TBA
TBA, Spain
TBA, Spain
Aug 3 TBA
TBA, Switzerland
TBA, Switzerland
Aug 5 Donnacona Blues Festival
Donnacona, Canada
Donnacona, Canada
Aug 8 Peter's Players (cruise)
Gravenhurst, Canada
Gravenhurst, Canada
Aug 10 Rochaus
West Dundee IL , United States of America
West Dundee IL , United States of America
Aug 17 Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea
Athens, Dubrovnik, Santorini, Greece
Athens, Dubrovnik, Santorini, Greece Tickets
Sep 1 Kulturcafe Ludvig
Sorø, Denmark
Sorø, Denmark Duo
Sep 7 Pilegården
Brønshøj, Denmark
Brønshøj, Denmark Duo
Sep 8 Månen
Haderslev, Denmark
Haderslev, Denmark
Sep 22 Posten
Odense, Denmark
Odense, Denmark
Sep 23 Richter
Gladsaxe, Denmark
Gladsaxe, Denmark
Nov 25 Hotel Cecil
Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark Tickets

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Sweden Rock – here we come!

We’re very happy to announce that we will play at the legendary Sweden Rock Festival on June 9th. Go get your tickets right here! And