Tour Plan

Date Location
May 18 Blues Peer
Peer, Belgium
Peer, Belgium Tickets
May 31 Halsnæs Bryghus
Hundested, Denmark
Hundested, Denmark Duo
Jun 1 Coisbar
Sorø, Denmark
Sorø, Denmark Duo
Jun 13 Blues Garage Open Air
Hannover, Germany
Hannover, Germany Tickets
Jun 14 Holland International Blues Festival
Grollo, Netherlands the
Grollo, Netherlands the Tickets
Jun 15 Maximilian/JFK Syke
Syke, Germany
Syke, Germany Tickets
Jun 22 Nidaros Blues Festival
Nidaros, Germany
Nidaros, Germany
Jul 6 Löderup
Solhällan, Sweden
Solhällan, Sweden Tickets
Jul 8 Mojo Blues Bar
Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark Duo
Jul 11 Den Røde Plads
Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark
Jul 13 Roxsa Festival
Bad Sülze, Germany
Bad Sülze, Germany Tickets
Aug 3 Lundeborg Havn
Lundeborg, Denmark
Lundeborg, Denmark Tickets
Aug 4 Löderup
Solhällan (TR w. Monday Night Big Band), Sweden
Solhällan (TR w. Monday Night Big Band), Sweden Tickets
Aug 17 Frank Festival
Torreperogil, Spain
Torreperogil, Spain Tickets
Aug 30 Hell Blues Festival
Hell, Denmark
Hell, Denmark Tickets
Aug 31 Ringe
Foderstoffen, Denmark
Foderstoffen, Denmark
Sep 5 Casa V58
Århus, Denmark
Århus, Denmark Duo
Sep 6 Karosserifabrikken
Helsingør, Denmark
Helsingør, Denmark Tickets
Sep 7 Tisvilde Bio
Tisvilde, Denmark
Tisvilde, Denmark Duo
Sep 14 Bygningen/Crossroads
Vejlse, Denmark
Vejlse, Denmark Tickets
Sep 20 Colos-Saal
Aschaffenburg, Germany
Aschaffenburg, Germany Tickets
Sep 21 Bluesclub Baden-Baden
Baden-Baden, Germany
Baden-Baden, Germany Tickets
Sep 28 Drantum Forsamlingshus
Brande, Denmark
Brande, Denmark
Oct 3 Jyllinge
Fjordglimt, Denmark
Fjordglimt, Denmark
Oct 4 Hamburg
Fabrik, Germany
Fabrik, Germany Tickets
Oct 5 Torgau
Kulturbastion, Germany
Kulturbastion, Germany Tickets
Oct 11 TBA
TBA, United Kingdom
TBA, United Kingdom
Oct 12 Edinburgh
Pleasance Theatre/E. Blues Club, United Kingdom
Pleasance Theatre/E. Blues Club, United Kingdom Tickets
Oct 13 Carlisle
Carlisle Blues Festival, United Kingdom
Carlisle Blues Festival, United Kingdom Tickets
Oct 25 Nysted Biograf
Nysted, Denmark
Nysted, Denmark Tickets
Oct 26 The Tivoli
Helksingborg, Sweden
Helksingborg, Sweden Tickets
Oct 28 Godset (Voodoo Saints)
Kolding, Denmark
Kolding, Denmark
Oct 29 Amager Bio (Voodoo Saints)
Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark
Oct 30 Borgerforeningen (Voodoo Saints)
Svendborg, Denmark
Svendborg, Denmark
Oct 31 Tante Olga (VoodooSaints)
Randers, Denmark
Randers, Denmark
Nov 1 Dexter (Voodoo Saints)
Odense, Denmark
Odense, Denmark
Nov 2 Fermaten (Voodoo Saint)s
Herning, Denmark
Herning, Denmark
Nov 13 Theaterstübchen
Kassel, Germany
Kassel, Germany Tickets
Nov 14 TBA
TBA, Germany
TBA, Germany
Nov 15 Konservi
Seon, Switzerland
Seon, Switzerland Tickets
Nov 16 Eintracht
Kirchberg, Switzerland
Kirchberg, Switzerland Tickets
Nov 28 Bielefelder Jazzclub
Bielefeld, Germany
Bielefeld, Germany Tickets
Nov 29 Hamonie
Bonn, Germany
Bonn, Germany Tickets
Nov 30 Scala
Ludwigsburg, Germany
Ludwigsburg, Germany Tickets
Dec 6 New Outbaix
Übach-Palenberg , Germany
Übach-Palenberg , Germany Tickets
Dec 7 Rheine
Bluesnote/Hypothalamus, Germany
Bluesnote/Hypothalamus, Germany Tickets
Dec 13 Thisted
Thisted, Denmark
Thisted, Denmark Duo
Dec 14 Fanø
Elses Gab, Denmark
Elses Gab, Denmark Duo
Mar 28 Göteborg
Pustervik, Sweden
Pustervik, Sweden Tickets
Apr 12 Malmö
Slagthuset (Saluhallen), Sweden
Slagthuset (Saluhallen), Sweden Tickets