Date Location
Aug 9 Jam Days
Odense, Denmark
Odense, Denmark Tickets
Aug 10 Musik am Noor
Arnis, Germany
Arnis, Germany Free
Aug 11 Smukfest
Skanderborg, Denmark
Skanderborg, Denmark Few Tickets
Aug 25 Sonntags ans Schloß
Saarbrücken, Germany
Saarbrücken, Germany Free
Aug 25 The Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival
Colne , United Kingdom
Colne , United Kingdom Tickets
Sep 7 Blues in Lehrte
Lehrte, Germany
Lehrte, Germany
Sep 13 Kulturstationen
Vanløse, Denmark
Vanløse, Denmark Duo
Sep 20 Taastrups Teater
Taastrup, Denmark
Taastrup, Denmark Tickets
Sep 21 Musisk Forening Frøstrup
Frøstrup, Denmark
Frøstrup, Denmark Tickets
Sep 27 Vershuset
Næstved, Denmark
Næstved, Denmark Tickets
Sep 28 Industrien
Aarup, Denmark
Aarup, Denmark Tickets
Oct 4 Gjethuset
Frederiksværk, Denmark
Frederiksværk, Denmark Tickets
Oct 5 Turbinen
Randers, Denmark
Randers, Denmark Tickets
Oct 23 Örebro Jazz & Blues
Örebro, Sweden
Örebro, Sweden Tickets
Oct 24 E-Street/Jazzklubben
Sundsvall, Sweden
Sundsvall, Sweden
Oct 25 Droskan/Umeå Blues
Umeå, Sweden
Umeå, Sweden Tickets
Oct 26 Öbacka Jazz & Blues
Härnösand, Sweden
Härnösand, Sweden
Nov 1 Farum Jazzklub
Farum, Denmark
Farum, Denmark
Nov 2 Walthers Musikcafé
Skanderborrg, Denmark
Skanderborrg, Denmark Tickets
Nov 8 Life House
Stemwede, Germany
Stemwede, Germany
Nov 9 Outbaix 2.0
Übach-Palenberg, Germany
Übach-Palenberg, Germany Tickets
Nov 21 Kulturtransport
Freelsdorf, Germany
Freelsdorf, Germany Tickets
Nov 22 Jubez
Karlsruhe, Germany
Karlsruhe, Germany
Nov 23 Kulturwerkstatt
Hamm, Germany
Hamm, Germany
Nov 29 Jesien Z Bluesem
Bialystok, Poland
Bialystok, Poland
Dec 6 Bluesgarage
Hannover, Germany
Hannover, Germany Tickets
Dec 7 Hypothalamus/Bluesnote
Rheine, Germany
Rheine, Germany
Dec 8 Theaterstübchen
Kassel, Germany
Kassel, Germany Tickets
Dec 14 Flirting with The Blues
Amersfoot, Netherlands the
Amersfoot, Netherlands the Tickets